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Competency. Quality. Performance.

Accountable People Solutions to the Construction & Civil Engineering Market


of Construction Adjudications (according to Kings College London Construction Adjudication report 2023) were caused by a lack of Competence of project participants

Systemic Problem

The uncertainty of contracting and the pressures of programme, specification & budget requires access to competence like never before.

About Us

Risk Management

Risk management and mitigation is at the forefront of Project and Business leaders in Construction.  By focusing on the bigger picture risks, this can lead to unintentional oversights on site activities that can manifest into major problems.   We can support this.

  • A failed employment agency professional is contractually obliged to be paid for attendance.  The sequential programme impact and commercial losses of these failings cannot be recovered from the supply chain.
  • Magnus operate under performance and understand the minimum requirements of QA legally and contractually ensuring teams work at optimum levels.
  • Our competent people and performance metrics will ensure we raise the bar and maintain these which crucially involve pro-active risk management of projects.

“A party to a dispute, particularly if there is arbitration, will learn three lessons (often too late) the Importance of Records, The Importance of Records, The Importance of Records”

Max Abrahamson, Engineering Law and The ICE Contract

Delivering Competency

Collaboration & Liability

Understanding your problems and gaining trust is the foundations to any relationship. Defining a performance contract that is fair and reasonable and a scope to deliver a solution that all parties can agree upon

Post Hire Competency

Quality Control & subsequent defects lead to dispute, claims and ultimately cash-flow issues. Magnus take on accountability for ensuring that the defined scope is not only executed but that a documented auditable trail exists to support this.


A dedicated professional support team on hand that provides: technical vetting, meeting deliverables,  intervening and changing where necessary and signposting and identifying problems that may lead margin erosion if not addressed.

Scope of Services



Project & Site Management



  • Site Control – Validate, Install & Maintain
  • Setting Out & Level Datums
  • QA Surveys
  • As-built Surveys
  • Formation Checks & Monitoring
  • Progress Surveys
  • Digital Support


  • Commercial & Contract Management
  • Procurement
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Training
  • Expert Witness
  • Claims Management
  • Dispute Resolution

Project & Site Management

  • Maintain Site Health & Safety
  • Prepare RAMS
  • Prepare Lift Plans
  • Maintain Quality Records
  • Short Term Planning
  • Design Co-Ordination
  • Progress Reports


Bespoke solutions such as fusing engineering and commercial services

  • Accurate Volume & Area Surveys
  • Marked-up & Annotated Drawings
  • Accurate Substantiated Measure against Entitlements
  • Substantiated CVR with Audit Trail

Expect Better

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